Hill House Opening for Members

What a lovely afternoon that was at the Hill House! Members old and new gathered on the back lawn and shared a tasty potluck in the sunshine and fresh air while the Anaglypta
Brothers wowed everyone with their musical prowess moving some to join them as backup singers.

Inside the house, everyone could see the remarkable progress that has been made this past year… the walls have all been painted and wallpapered, the floors and all the wood trim is in place and gleaming with a finish that made a few people express how they
wished their woodwork could look so good.

The front parlor and dining room had carpets laid, furniture in, and in the dining room, the table was beautifully set ready for tea.

The front bedroom is stunning with the bedroom set assembled. Even the missing marble tops mysteriously appeared (were created in faux by Bill Glick). The stenciled frieze matched perfectly with the dusky rose walls.

The bathroom looked great. Down the hall Andrew’s studio had the appearance that the man himself would return at any moment to begin work on the easel.

The exhibit room was full to overflowing as members had a chance to view the historical photographs on the wall. The vintage mannequin was dressed in an late 1800’s Ladies
Wrapper. This was considered a “house dress”. The two display cases boasted a collection of Victorian jewelry, fans, buttons, and postcards.

The kitchen finally has the stove that has been patiently housed in Steve Padnos’ garage all these past nine years.

Outside, there was a celebration going on… a celebration of friendship and completion.
Everywhere you looked you could see the love, care and attention that VPA members have put into the houses restoration. I am so proud of everyone who worked, helped, supported and contributed. Together we have created a legacy and made some history of our own.

Thank you all!

VPA President

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