Add A Museum Listing

The webmaster is currently in the process of porting the information into a database and this will take some time. If you would like to help out please contact him at email address below. During this conversion process it may take some time before new entries show up.

Please read the following notes before entering your data:

  1. Please check the listings to make sure the museum isn't already listed.
  2. Please do not use all CAPITALS in your entry. Please do not use all lower case either.
  3. Your URL must include the http://
  4. Your listing must be approved before it will appear in the searches. Please allow a few days for it to be approved. Do not resubmit your listing if it doesn't appear. If your listing doesn't appear it there is probably a problem with it and we are researching your information and someone may need to get in touch with you.
  5. If after seven days your listing does not appear and no one has contacted you, please contact us: