New Web Site Design

The VPA web site was first designed in 1996 by Matt Knowles of Aesthetic Design & Photography, who was at that time a VPA member restoring a 1914 Bungalow in San Jose. In the almost 2 decades since, the site has gone through three major redesigns as HTML and computers continue to evolve.

Since we no longer use just desktop and laptop computers to view web sites, Matt just completed the fourth major redesign of the VPA web site. The major goal was to make it work better with phones and tablets, as well as traditional computers. With this update, the entire web site was imported into WordPress, since we were already using WordPress for the blog. Having the entire web site in WordPress makes it much easier for non-techies to post updates.

We’ve also added a new calendar page to make it easy to add both VPA events as well as other events of interest to VPA members.

The web site now features an elegant responsive design, using colors inspired by the Victorian palette. A nice combination of new and old.

Once a few more backend tasks are completed, Matt will be opening it up for members to add more info about their own homes, as well as write articles for the blog. For now, take a look at the page about Matt & Lori’s homes to get some idea of what you can do.

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